**CLEANSE REFUND POLICY**
We have a zero refund or exchange policy for our cleanses. Once the order has been placed, and a date selected the cleanse is no longer refundable. **Cleanse juice line up are subject to change based on seasons and available produce. 
The Quickie
2 Day- $99
This cleanse was designed for a quick system reboot. It is packed fill of micro-nutrients to nourish your body while simultaneously flushing it of any unwanted toxins. This cleanse is low calorie, and is super hydrating to help reduce bloating!
Day 1                                                  Day 2
1.After Dark                                        1. Knock out
2. Knock Out                                      2. Lemon Aid
3. Illuminate Me                                 3.  Orchard Greens
4. Lemon Aid                                     4. Lemon Aid
5. Skinny Green                                 5. Skinny Green
6. Silky Cashew                                 6. Silky Cashew 
Glow Cleanse
1 day-52 $ 3 day- $150 5 day- $233 10 day- $430
This cleanse is designed with the aim to flush your body while nourishing your skin (hair, nails). This cleanse is packed full of fruits and veggies that help to improve skin quality, such as carrots, beets, celery, cucumber, and pineapple. This cleanse is also sure to help promote healthy skin, and help fight against anti-aging!
1. Turmeric/ apple/ lemon 
2. Illuminate me 
3. Lemon Aid
4. Wide Awake
5. Skinny Green
6. SIlky Cashew 
Intermediate Progression
3 day- $145 5 day- $230 10 day- $425
This cleanse is very similar to our existing progression cleanse. The juice line up changes day to day, and progressively flush your body with each day. The difference between this cleanse and the existing one is that it would be less caloric, and suggested for more frequent cleansers. 
Day 1                                             Day 2                                      Day 3
1. After Dark                                  1. Beet Down                      1. Alkaline water 
2. Beet Down                                 2. Lemon Aid                           2. Lemon Aid
3. Orchard Greens                         3. Skinny Green                      3. Skinny Gr. 
4. Lemon Aid                                 4. Lemon Aid                          4. Lemon Aid
5. Illuminate me                             5. Peter Rabbit                       5. Peter Rab. 
6. Silky Cashew                             6. Silky Cashew                     6. Silky Cash.                                                                                                                                       
Introduction Cleanse
1 day- $55 3 day- $155 5 day- $265 10 day- $530
This is our newest cleanse package and was designed with juice virgins in mind! This cleanse line up includes 5 raw pressed bottled juices, 2 raw nut milks and a raw pudding option. Hopefully with the diverse range of raw products included in this cleanse; even someone who has never cleansed before can indulge in a good body flush without feeling like your missing anything in your daily consumption.  
Cleanse Line up:
1. Skinny Green
2. Lemon Aid
3.Wide Awake 
4.  Raw Pudding
5. Berry Me
6. Illusionist 
7. Silky Cashew
Master Cleanse 2.0 (Experienced juicers only!)
Price: 1 day- $44 3 day- $130 5 day- $210
Ever heard of the Master Cleanse??? Well we are introducing our own version of the MC that will flush your system just as well, but hopefully nourish your body as well. Where this cleanse option is our most intense cleansing package we only recommend it to experienced cleansers. But if you have done a cleanse before and are looking to amp up the intensity, and kickstart your perfect beach body for March, or give back to your body by resetting your system.
Cleanse line up:
1. Lemon Aid
2. Skinny Green
3.Lemon Aid
4. Lemon Aid
5. Skinny Green
6.Lemon Aid 

 3d $145, 5d $230, 10d $425

This cleanse is designed to get a little more intense day by day. The juices consumed during day one help to adjust your body to an all liquid diet, aid in hydration, and then of course taste amazing. The juices in day two are more designed to inspire the cleansing affect by flushing out your internal organs while still tasting delicious. The line up for day three continues to reduce the sugar and calorie content within the juices, making them a little less sweet to taste but more effective in flushing out anything left in your system. 

Day 1                                        Day 2                                          Day 3
1. After Dark                   1.Knock Out                             1.Skinny Green
2.Wide Awake                     2.  Lemon Aid                            2. Lemon Aid 
3. The Illusionist                  3.  Illuminate me                        3. Peter Rabbit
4. Lemon Aid                        4.  Lemon Aid                            4. Lemon Aid
5. Illuminate me                    5. The illusionist.                       5. Skinny Green
6. Silky Cashew                      6. Silky Cashew                        6. Silky Cashew 


THE 30/70  | 1d $43, 3d $126, 5d $202 10d $375 (ORDER BY EMAIL)

This cleanse incorporates food, while is still designed to accompany our full cleanse regimes; containing 4 juices, and 2 healthy meal options of your choice. This cleanse is great for people new to juice cleansing or people who just love to crunch of solid food, as most of us do!

1. Skinny Green 
2. Raw oatmeal or raw chia seed pudding
3. Wide Awake
4. Lemon Aid
5. Seasonal Salad 
6. Silky Cashew
1d $50, 3d $148, 5d $233, 10d $428

This is for juice cleanse virgins. The combination will be easy to consume and will enable you to kick start your healthy lifestyle. This cleanse will contain:

1 | Illuminate Me 
2 | Lemon Aid
3 | Wide Awake
4 |Berry Me
5 | Illusionist
6 | Silky Cashew


1d $50, 3d $145, 5d 230, 10d $425

This juice cleanses is for those who are typically healthy eaters but want to kick start their immune system and get their digestive system back on track. This cleanse will contain:

1 | Skinny Green
2 | Lemon Aid
3 | Beet Down
4 | Lemon Aid
5 | Skinny Green
6 | Silky Cashew


 1d $50, 3d $145, 5d $230 I 10d $425

This cleanse is for those die hard juice addicts. It contains very little sugar, ensuring to get you into tip top shape. This cleanse will contain:

1 | Skinny Green
2 | Lemon Aid
3 | Peter Rabbit 
4 | Lemon Aid 
5 | Skinny Green
6 | Silky Cashew


*With all of the cleanses, you will be provided with a suggested order in which to consume the juices. Drinking lots of water is certainly recommended and should you have the urge to drink something warm, we suggest herbal teas. You will have enough energy to go about your normal day, however, extreme or strenuous exercise isn't advised. 



The Mini Cleanse is intended for those cleansers who plan to eat a little food while still juicing. This is perfect for people who don't have time to slow down their busy lives or have a rigorous workout schedule. This cleanse series is still offered in the three original levels of: Beginner, Intermediate and Pro.

1d $34 I 3d $97 I 5d $155 I 10d $300
1 I Wide Awake
2 I Freedom 
3 I Illusionist
4 I Silky Cashew
1d $33 I 3d $96 I 5d $152 I 10d $298
1 I Orchard Greens
2 I Lemon Aid
3 I Beet Down
4 I Silky Cashew
1d $33 I 3d $96 I 5d $152 I 10d $298
1 I Skinny Green 
2 I Lemon Aid
3 I Peter Rabbit 
4 I Silky Cashew
**When debating between cleanse lengths we recommend starting with a shorter duration and then if you are enjoying it, we can always tack on extra days at the discounted price.**