Silky Cashew

Cashew, Agave, Vanilla, Water

Did you know that cashews contain less fat than most other nuts? That's why we use it for our vegan dairy substitute. Cashews have a high copper content which is important for energy production, the promotion of healthy bones, joints and blood cell flexibility. The magnesium, alongside calcium helps with bone and muscle strength. It does all this while promoting healthy sleep patterns which is the reason why we have the Silky Cashew for the last drink of our cleanses!

Caffey Cashew
Cashew, Water, Agave, Vanilla, Espresso

A tribute to all the hard working Haligonians who wake up every morning and grind out another work day. We hope this creamy, espresso-infused drink will help jump-start your morning and take a little edge off that AM haze. Cashews are a great source of protein- proven to optimize your brain's ability to send messages, and this, help you wake up!

Strawberry Milk

Strawberry, Cashew, Agave, Vanilla, Water

Want to feel good about drinking a milk shake again, this is for you! Our strawberry milk is as delicious as a milk shake you used to have when you were kid, but you won't pack on the pounds. Using a cashew nut milk as the base drastically reduces the calories, and the freshly pressed strawberry juice adds not only an amazingly sweet taste but boosts the protein content. 

Green Milk

Greens Plus, Spirulina, Cashew, Agave, Vanilla, Water

Want something creamy and delicious but worried about your green vegetable intake? Our Green Milk is for you! A creamy cashew milk base, infused with a scoop of Greens Plus, a superfood which supports; whole body detoxification, immune function, healthy again, energy levels and improve body alkalinity.

Cocoa Chanel

Cocoa, Cashew, Agave, Vanilla, Water